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OLSA International is the only certified Spanish language academy in Medellin, Colombia that is focused on Spanish fluency, not just Spanish theory.  Our Certified Spanish University courses are aligned with the United States university system’s Spanish 101, Spanish 102, Spanish 201 and Spanish 202.  Our unique virtual homeschool Spanish courses offer a distinct advantage over traditional high school / university courses because, although our curriculum follows all state standards, as a private academy, we are free to put Spanish into practice through daily conversation sessions with native Latin bi-lingual speakers live from Medellin, Colombia!

Take a look below for more information about our virtual homeschool Spanish courses and other programs we offer.  Your future is important to us.  Join us at OLSA!

Learn Spanish with Native Latin Bi-lingual Speakers

Our overall goal is to help to bring the beautiful Spanish language and the rich Latin culture to life through quality live Spanish instruction and real-time interaction with native speakers currently living in Medellin, Colombia.  Our methodologies help our students to think in Spanish, instead of thinking in English and translating to Spanish.  This leads to a higher level of natural thought expression and impromptu hearing, understanding and speaking abilities.

Our virtual homeschool Spanish courses have two primary objectives.
1.  Present the student with traditional high school / university-level Spanish courses that satisfy the US standards for Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3 and Spanish 4.

2.  Go beyond traditional high school / university-level Spanish course standards by focusing on the student’s oral Spanish fluency through live immersive interaction with our native bi-lingual Latin staff.  In short, OLSA International students learn to SPEAK Spanish, not just learn the Spanish grammar that is taught in a traditional setting.

Here’s what you can expect from OLSA-style homeschool courses:
–  There are four courses; Spanish 1, 2, 3 and 4.  These courses are each one semester in length (18 weeks).  Supplemental courses are available during extended holidays.
–  Classes meet four days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) for approximately two hours per day.
–  Each class has two sessions of approximately 50 minutes each with a short break between sessions. 
   Session one is the traditional Spanish class where the lesson is presented, the grammar is discussed and the homework is assigned.  In this session emphasis is put on vocabulary building, sentence structure and other grammatical standards.  Maximum of 12 students per class.  
   Session two is the practice session where, under the guide of our native Latin teachers, the lesson, the grammar and the homework are discussed, completed and expanded upon.  In this session emphasis is put on hearing, understanding and responding orally in Spanish – oral fluency.  Maximum of 6 students per class. 
–  The OLSA International Spanish curriculum is designed for a high school / university-level student.  Suggested ages are 14 and up.  We also have child and adult classes for those interested.


HOMESCHOOL SPANISH OLSA-STYLE packages may be purchased by the quarter (9 weeks), by the semester (18 weeks), or by the year (36 weeks).  Payment includes: one 50-minute traditional high school Spanish class plus one 50-minute OLSA-Style conversational Spanish practice class four days per week (except legal holidays) plus digital copy of OLSA International’s student Spanish workbook for each course taken.  We follow all United States legal holidays.  All classes follow a daily/hourly schedule and guardians will be presented with OLSA International’s classroom/student expectations before package purchase.  An absence by the student on a scheduled class counts as a class attended.  If, due to unforeseen circumstances,  OLSA International is unable to provide a teacher for a scheduled class, a notice will be sent to the student’s guardian and the class will be rescheduled.  All homeschool classes require an initial virtual meeting with the student/guardian and the OLSA International administration team to complete the student’s application/receipt and decide on a class schedule.   

                                          Pay by the quarter                  $995.00 USD
                                          Pay by the semester           $1,795.00 USD
                                          Pay by the year                    $2,395.00 USD

All packages may be paid through our PayPal account (as we are a certified academy, we are not obligated to charge sales tax, IVA however, Paypal charges a 5% processing fee) or through a bank-to-bank transfer to our account in the United States.  Banking information is given during the initial virtual meeting.  Feel free to call us at:  +57 034 509 4313 or +57 311 394 0669 or write to us at info@olsa-international.com  Any transfer through a Colombian bank transfer will be quoted at the current Bloomberg Markets trading rate for COP/USD.






If you are interested in one of our programs, products, or would simply like to contact us, please complete the form below. We will never share any of your information with any third party organizations. All fields are required.

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