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OLSA is licensed by the Secretary of Education of Medellin and the Ministry of Education of Colombia to sponsor student visas through our certified Spanish University Program. These programs are aligned with the European Common Framework A1, A2, B1 and B2 and are also aligned with the United States university system’s Spanish 101, Spanish 102, Spanish 201 and Spanish 202. OLSA’s Spanish University Program along with its focus on conversational Spanish, its staff, the numerous cultural excursions and other cultural immersive programs listed below make OLSA International the best Spanish language school in Medellin.

Spanish Daily is a Spanish conversation curriculum designed to help students learn, understand and speak colloquial Spanish.  This program, written, recorded and taught by native Spanish speakers, uses themed conversations, stories, games and activities, videos and other multimedia to present the living Spanish language outside of the grammatical restrictions of a textbook.  This is the actual Spanish students will hear and use on the street, in the market, making new friends and participating in events with native Spanish speakers.

For OLSA students, learning isn’t just for the classroom. We have an extensive extra-curricular cultural immersion program.

WEEKLY EXCURSIONS – For us, education is participatory. Every Wednesday we take our students on exciting and educational cultural immersion excursions including paragliding, Tejo, Arvi/Confenalco Ropes Course, Trekking, Coffee Finca tour, Guatape tour, Museum tour, Comuna 13 tour. 

SALSA – We offer Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Vallenato, Poro Marcado and other Latin dance classes right here at the OLSA campus!

LANGUAGE EXCHANGE – Every Wednesday evening OLSA hosts free language exchange and invited the whole community. Themes change every week and have included Game Night, Craft Night, Karaoke Night, Tailgate Night, Dance Nights, etc. Average attendance is 40-50 people weekly!

PRE-PARTY – As foreigners, it is sometimes difficult to meet locals. Therefore, we have set up the Saturday night Pre-Party. This social allows foreigners and locals to get to know each other while they take Salsa lessons and chat. After the event ends at 10pm, the group then goes out to the formal discotecas on the famous Calle 70.

SOCIAL EVENTS – In addition to the Pre-Party social, OLSA also sponsors periodic events such as Chiva Rumbera, Picnic in the Park, Walk-n-Talk and others. We try to be creative.

VERIFY US – Don’t just take our word for it.  We have a 5-star average for reviews in both Google and Facebook.  See what others have to say about our commitment to our students and the quality of our programs.  OLSA International – The Language Center Estadio Needed.



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